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imran khan brunch



Islamabad: All claims of PTI chief Imran Khan and Awami Muslim League (AML) chief Shaikh Rashid Ahmed regarding their sleeping on the roads along with the long march participants have been proved wrong.

The captain went to his Bani Gala palace, Shaikh Rashid to Lal Haveli, Chief Minister KP to the Frontier House and the rest of the PTI leadership to the Serena and Marriott hotels to rest and eat while the hapless marchers were facing a grim situation in Islamabad during the heavy rain in the early hours of Saturday.

Imran Khan took another U-turn as he had promised PTI’s followers that he won’t be leaving the long march until his demands are met.

Imran earlier said that he would sleep on the roads with the PTI workers but after reaching Islamabad, he bolted from the march to his palatial mansion at Bani Gala, leaving his workers suffering in the stormy rain, as his best friend Shaikh Rashid Ahmed ran to Lal Haveli.

Imran Khan left the long march by saying that he will come back at 3:00 pm to rejoin the gathering. Nobody, even in the PTI, was expecting that.

The march participants thought that their leader will stay with them throughout the night but after his departure they were left asking each other where they should go. Not everybody has a palace in Bani Gala. Perhaps the heavy rain and the fatigue of the long journey proved too much for Imran Khan.

After this development, hundreds of PTI workers changed their mind and left the long march. While this news reached Imran Khan, he did not bother at that time.

The News interviewed different PTI workers who strongly condemned Imran Khan, Shaikh Rashid Ahmed and other leaders for leaving the venue.

Meanwhile, independent sources are saying that Imran Khan badly failed to gather 1 million people. Most people rejected Imran’s claims and his agitation which seems to be without any cause. After disturbing Lahore and all the cities on the G.T Road, Imran is now causing problems for the people of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

اس وقت زیادہ پڑھی جانے والی خبریں

    اس وقت زیادہ پڑھی جانے والی خبریں